Adventures At Marion Reservoir (Or Why I Should Not Be Trusted With Navigation)

St. Patrick’s Day adventure at Marion Reservoir with Dustin. We weren’t really planning on going to Marion Reservoir, but that’s what happens when I’m trusted with navigation. About an hour into the trip, we Dustin discovered we were an hour north of our original campsite. This is an important lesson for everyone who ever rides in a car I’m driving: Don’t fall asleep.

Luckily we had Our Friend The Atlas adventuring along with us and it led us to Marion Reservoir, where we immediately snubbed our noses at the $17-per-night rate and continued our Winter-Camping-Is-Free philosophy. Friday’s 80-degree weather did not carry over to Saturday, and so we braved the chill.


Dustin tending fire.

After a scrumptious dinner of Spanish rice and chickpeas, we came up with the excellent idea of wrapping some potatoes and seasonings in tinfoil and tossing them in the coals for the night. Presto! Breakfast potatoes!

20130317_Camping_With_Dustin_Moore_At_Marion_Reservoir_01Coal-baked potatoes for breakfast.

Also, on the way out, we saw groups of geese, ducks and seagulls clustered around a bunch of white blobs. They weren’t trash bags (my original genius thought), but rather pelicans. We think. Fantastic!


Bird party!

Through My Headphones
*When In Rome -Nickel Creek


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