(Xtra)Tufing It Out

Wichita actually got some snow Thursday -14 inches or so. As snow is a sort of rarity here, roads were relatively unplowed and a good portion of town shut down, including my office.

I’d spent the night with some friends making dinner before crashing at their house for the night under the guise of not wanting to drive in the impending bad weather. Really, their house is just warmer than mine.

Sometime before 7:00 am, one of them woke me up on his way to work to mention I was probably snowed in, but, rest assured, I could just spend the day in the house.

I spent 30 minutes in the house before cabin fever consumed me and I was forced to examine my options. I like to think that if I were ever stranded on an island somewhere, I’d be the type of person to rally the troops, carve a raft using my fingernails and a clam shell, and skeedaddle out of there. In truth, I’d probably just curl up under some palm tree and await my death.

Continuing. Naturally I decided the best idea was to walk down to the nearest main street in my skinny jeans and dress shoes to determine road conditions. Poor clothing choices. Luckily these poor clothing choices swayed Kim And Her SUV to pull over with a ride offer, which I immediately took up. Until I realized an important thing:

My house keys were back at my friends’ house.

Which is when I realized a second important thing:

The house was locked.

Luckily, with several phone calls, I managed to get into the house, snag my keys, jump in Kim’s SUV, and head home. Kim, wherever you are, you’re fantastic. Thanks for the ride!

Once home, I used almost-expired yogurt to make cornbread and tried not to tear up as I watched Notting Hill (Anna! What are you doing Anna?! Stay with him!) and sorted the plethora of papers piled up on my kitchen table. I’ve grown rather sentimental these past few years and, as a result, it takes precious little to make me tear up.

Things That Make Me Tear Up:

*Beyoncé singing I Was Here. Especially minute 2:25. Thanks a lot Beyoncé.
*Silver Linings Playbook, Rabbit-Proof Fence, and Monsters, Inc.
*Those heroic citizen stories in People magazine.

After devouring half a pan of cornbread and organizing my mess of papers into neat piles, I threw on some proper adventuring clothes (real jeans, a hoodie, and the ever-dependable Xtratufs) and meandered over to Linda’s.


You know what this bird would benefit from? Xtratufs.


West Douglas

Few streets were properly plowed, but as they beat wading through the foot of snow covering sidewalks, I plodded along on them.


This snow pile demanded an adventure…


…so I climbed to the top.

After helping Linda clear the drive, I headed north to attempt car retrieval. Longest 2.4 miles of my life.




Looking out at the river from a bridge.


Looking down at the river from a bridge.

I arrived at my friends’ house rather wet and still unable to move my car, so I opted for the next best thing and made some cheesy pretzels instead.

All in all, a swell adventuring day. I’d give it a ten.

Adventuring Statistics:

*Total distance walked: 5.2 miles.
*Total falls: 1
*Total photos taken: 93
*Total amount of cornbread devoured: 1/2 loaf

Through My Headphones
*Travelling -Paper Lions


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