Powwows, Lunar Celebrations, And A $6 Haircut

A couple weekends ago, Linda and I went down to the Mid-America All Indian Center for a powwow to watch a coworker friend dance. 20130209_PowWow_At_Indian_Center_With_Khristine_And_Linda_03



Afterward, I met up with Dustin and Sophie to watch one of Wichita’s Buddhist temples celebrate the Lunar New Year. Clearly it was an adventure-filled night. 20130209_Chinese_New_Year_At_Buddhist_Temple_With_Sophie_B_And_Dustin_Moore_01

Sophie and Dustin 20130209_Chinese_New_Year_At_Buddhist_Temple_With_Sophie_B_And_Dustin_Moore_02



To continue the adventure-streak, I got my hair cut at this barber shop next to Lucky’s bar a few weeks ago. It took three minutes, cost $6, and I stood the entire time. It was truly the best haircut I’ve ever received. Words cannot describe how happy it made me. Dustin pointed out he could’ve cut my hair just as well and saved me $6, but I’m pretty sure that experience was worth every penny.

There was some nice light coming in through the kitchen Friday.

20130215_Self_Portraits_01Oh look. I never empty my recycling.

Also, I’ve been listening to some truly embarrassing music as of late. It’s been incredibly enjoyable, but suggestions are very, very welcome.

Through My Headphones
*All You -The Cataracs ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Kaskade


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