Quiet Adventures And An Unrelated Photo

Sunday was warm and beautiful, and thus called for an adventure. Sometimes the best adventures are quiet and unplanned. Armed with a fold-up map of Wichita, Dustin and I found ourselves by something that claimed to be a river where we discovered some old tires and also a piece of green wire. Good finds.


After consulting the map, we learned there was a sort of nature preserve a few miles down the road. In the preserve was  this really nice field, a pile of rocks, and something that looked suspiciously like a track for horses. There was also a playground demanding our attention.



Later in the afternoon, we stumbled into some sort of Mexican indoor market that boasted not only an insurance agency, but also a child’s shoe store, hair salon, and a car audio booth. Given that it was lunch time and our tummies were hungry, we spent our time prudently and wound up in the candy store, where we purchased liquid tamarind, Takis, and something similar to a  sugared potato. We passed on the belt buckle booth, although it had a really excellent variety. Lunch was an almost-sketchy Mexican buffet with no food labels, so I just pretended everything I ate was vegetarian and it was delicious. Quiet adventures.

Also, here is an unrelated photo from my Heartland Farm visit -yet another quiet adventure.

20130120_Retreat_At_The_Mother_House_Great_Bend_Kansas_07Sr. Celeste helping Kait Moore try on a traditional habit.

I hope I get this correct… During Vatican II, the Sisters reexamined their histories, including what they wore. The habit, which was traditionally worn by peasants way back yonder, had become costly both to make and maintain in modern times. Part of being a Sister is living in poverty. Today, for the reasons listed above (and probably others), the habit is optional. I’m pretty sure I’ve learned more about my faith in the past year than I have in a while. I find it to be quite neat.

Through My Headphones

*Siren Song -Bat For Lashes


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