Afternoon Tea And Home Repair

Sometimes lazy afternoons demand entire kettles of tea and some home repair. After three weeks of on-and-off “repair work,” I successfully put in four L brackets to keep my dresser drawers from collapsing. This was, you know, a 30-minute job, tops. It’s almost scary how much personal project management capability I can lack at times. Even the fact that all my drawers were stacked precariously, one on top of another, for weeks on end, forcing me to grope blindly for the day’s uncoordinated outfit (Sorry coworkers… Oh wait. I always dress poorly.), didn’t serve as encouragement to finish the project.

Anyway, my dressers are now back where they belong and sort of almost stable!

I’m sure this is all great fodder for some sort of memoir.


Afternoons in my kitchen.

Throwback day!

Through My Headphones
*I Wish -Skee-Lo


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