Camping In January, Lots Of Music, And A New Reading Corner

Dustin and I figured it was once again time to prove we weren’t afraid of cold, so off we went to Cheney Lake on Camping Excursion #3. After a fairly fantastic battle against the wind, we managed to get the tent up and a fire going (in the dark, I’d like to add), and celebrated with a victory dinner of mediocre grocery store deli food. We really thought we’d proven ourselves against the cold, but then we got up the next morning and realized we were next to a windy lake and it was a million degrees below zero out. For some stupid reason, we decided to take a quick juant around the beach. It was cold.


Pretending not to be cold on the beach.

I also discovered that my legs are just long enough to reach my fridge when I sit on my dryer to read.


Then I burned most of the rice while reading People magazine (not pictured) and had to turn it into some sort of casserole with a few cans of black beans, lot of Sriracha sauce, and a block of cheddar cheese.

Today’s Through My Headphones is mostly thanks to the fantastic musical tastes of El, Chloe, and Nate. You should probably listen to all of it.

Through My Headphones
*Cry Like A Ghost -Passion Pit
*Girl On Fire -Alicia Keys
*The Geese of Beverly Hill -The National
*I Don’t Recall -Lavender Diamond
*Three White Horses -Andrew Bird
*Next To Me -Emeli Sandé
*Better Than Nothing -Sarah Jaffe


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