Alpacas In The Backyard (And Other Musings)

I took a trip to Heartland Farm last weekend. It was a good decision. If I’d never taken the trip there, how else would I have figured out that my future yurt will need alpacas?

The farm is run by five Dominican Sisters of Peace. There are a bunch of alpacas living on the farm, as well as some chickens, dogs and volunteers. It was quite a nice visit. The Sisters have quite a few projects going on, and host classes on subjects such as weaving, spinning,  and straw bale structures.

Also, I’ve been plotting how to shake up my actual backyard this spring and it might just involve microgardens. I’m terrible at gardening and even more terrible at landscaping, so I’ve been looking for things that are easy to make and astheically pleasing to distract others (and probably myself) from these shortcomings. I’m thinking a hanging garden or two might be a good, simple project. Also, the Delano Community Garden has some swell DIY projects floating around its vegetables, including some really neat fencing. I might need to snag this idea.



The llama’s gentler relative, the alpaca!





Part of Heartland Farm



Part of a fence

Through My Headphones
*Dueling Ninjas -Trace Bundy


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