Camping Again And Sunday Self Portraits

Dustin and I decided to take advantage of Wichita’s warm weather with another camping trip. This time, we ventured a little further than the backyard. Hello Lake Afton!


Shortly after this photo was taken, we almost died when a rock exploded. No joke. A little earlier in the evening, I had collected some rocks for the fire ring. During what I can only imagine was a bout of wisdom, I collected some very porous, slightly damp ones clustered near the lake. I’ve seen hot rocks crack when splashed with water, but this was the first time I saw (OK, more heard) a rock blow to smithereens. Good news -we lived.


Sunday Self Portrait after my brush with death. That look in my eyes is fear.

Through My Headphones
*I Should’ve Known Better -Nickel Creek
*Don’t Let Go -Yo! Majesty


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