Backyard Camping

After a rather intense cribbage match that came close to ending a few friendships, we decided it was high time for a camping trip. Naturally, we walked out Rose/Sophie/Dustin’s backdoor, started a fire, pitched our tents, and did our best to keep warm.

Kansas has made me weak and soft, and I found the overall experience chillier than anticipated. I think it might have been in the 20s, so not as chilly as the Searching for Sasqu(a)tch Hike of 2010, but Warm Sleeping Bag and Random Blanket in My Car were required. All in all, though, a good evening.


Dustin, keeping us thoroughly entertained.


Yos and Dustin, breaking camp the following morning.

My Internet is being rather slow, so I haven’t listened to this song, but a Mr. Cole E. recommends this song for the end of a day and I’m sure it is swell.

Through My Headphones
*Guitar Lamento -John Fahely


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