Apron For El. And The Punishment Pants.

A few months back, I bought some mustard-yellow bed sheets from the DAV Thrift Store for about two bucks. DAV Thrift is my favorite store ever. Also, Sunday is half-price craft supplies day, which is how I got six zippers for 80 cents. Clearly a story for another day.


These yellow sheets have served me well. They’ve been sewn into grocery bags and skirts and, most recently, an apron. El has quite a collection of work-related aprons, so I decided to make her one for when she’s at home.

El’s apron. Oh, and her favorite pants.

Quick story behind my overalls, a.k.a. my punishment pants. These are one of my favorite pairs of pants. Eleanor hates these pants. She believes that these pants are an incredible eyesore. In fact, she believe these pants were put on this earth solely to punish anyone standing remotely near the wearer, hence their name (“punishment pants”). I make it habit to wear my overalls as frequently as possible, especially when she’s around.

I’m kind of a gem, aren’t I?

Through My Headphones
*Lick It (Kaskade’s ICE Mix) -Kaskade & Skrillex


6 thoughts on “Apron For El. And The Punishment Pants.

  1. Hi Kat, I love how you phrase your love of overalls and your wish to wear them as much as possible; it’s funny how they can make folks really happy or the very opposite, very upset ! and your aim of dressing poorly, I’m following you completely ! Although I’m an old professor, supposed to dress properly in suits and jackets, I wear my old well worn overalls, all bought in thrift stores in San Francisco despite folks staring at me, ! so thanks for a really inspiring and encouraging post !

  2. thanks, yes, I will for sure wear them and talking about Palo Alto, I was surprised that at Stanford I could wear my oldest overalls with no problem in contrast to a lot of other campuses, since I thought Stanford was high brow etc. and about the overalls day, actually turned into a weekend now, if you are on facebook, you can join our group https://www.facebook.com/groups/162288832984/ overall greetings Niels aka bibprofessor

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