Down To The Wire: 24 Hour Film Race

This whole lack of Internet thing is really starting to drag down my blog, but I’m too stubborn to pay when the bar down the street offers Internet for free. Or almost free. My Catholic guilt sometimes makes me buy a bag of peanuts, so I guess it’s more like $1 Internet.

Also, please remember to VOTE for my video! You guys are swell. Thanks for keeping the votes coming.

Tallgrass put on its first 24-hour film race a few weeks back. A 24-hour film race is pretty self-explanatory: Make a film in 24 hours. The theme was catch 22 and entrants had to keep films to six minutes and incorporate a bus stop, a set of keys, and the line “this isn’t going to be a happy ending.”

Producers’ Meeting

CreativeRush is swell.

So is this guy’s beard.

The Event

Check out my friend Emma who was featured again on Sew Weekly for her fabulous sewing!

Through My Headphones
*The Underdog -Spoon


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