AmeriCorps Works: A Paper Adventure

A few months ago I did a short paper stop motion piece for a Our Quarter-Life Crises challenge. It was fun, so I decided to make paper stop motion for the AmeriCorps Video Contest.

Some background: I’ve served as an AmeriCorps VISTA since November 2011 and it’s been a great experience. I currently work as a volunteer coordinator at Inter-Faith Ministries, a Wichita-based non-profit.

Anyway, I had a pretty swell time making the video. Click here for the official entry, or look below for the YouTube clip.

Be prepared for many incessant nagging posts if the video makes it to the public voting round.

Through My Headphones
*Flying Under Cheap Kits -The Isles


2 thoughts on “AmeriCorps Works: A Paper Adventure

  1. I found your blog because of the “sewing” category tag for your skirt, but I read this post, too and see that you work in Wichita . . . where I live! I LOVED the AmeriCorps tutors who came to my classroom when I was still teaching . . . so kind and caring. Keep up the great work! 🙂

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