Des Moines At Night

 I got home from my trip to discover that my neighbor did the unthinkable. That’s right, he put a password on his internet. Selfish, right?

In a valiant attempt to actually get some work done, I went to the library to use the Internet and instead spent 40 solid minutes rereading old LiveJournal entries. Remember LJ? Heaven knows why LiveJournal popped into my head after all these years, but it did. Much to my surprise, there was actually the occasional well-written entry. You know, apart from all the moody musings of a 15-year-old girl.

Anyway, CouchSurfed in Des Moines for two nights with this fantastic CS host. The second time I stopped by, she was at a concert, so I bummed around Des Moines for a few hours and photographed. Des Moines seems like a pretty stellar city.

View from a bridge.

Moon from the baseball stadium parking lot.

Also, really liking today’s song.

Through My Headphones
*Too Close -Alex Clare


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