Mental Adventures

I don’t have a lot of adventures here in Kansas, but I do try to learn some new skills now and then. I hosted a couch surfer a few days ago who coined the term “Mental Adventure” to describe learning new skills, which I rather enjoyed.

We’ve been having a bit of a heatwave to the tune of ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN DEGREES here in good, old Wichita. I can’t say I’ve been biking much. The good news is that this heat has left me plenty of time to have some good mental adventures. Today’s mental adventure was replacing the tube in my road bike’s front tire.

Here’s an embarrassing confession to make: I’ve never changed my road bike’s tubes by myself because it’s such a pain in the neck. Getting the bike tire beads (that’s right -I think I learned some new terminology today) into the bike wheel is a challenge… for me.

Good news: I successfully changed the bike tube with little difficultly. Successful mental adventure!

The fact that I bought the world’s cheapest bike pump that doesn’t always work is a completely different story. In other news, my tire is still deflated.

That’s ma bike!

Here’s my bike again!

Through My Headphones
*Aqueous Transmission -Incubus


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