DIY: Papier-Mâché

I’ve been seriously debating whether or not I should do papier-mâché with the kiddos in the Summer Food Service Program. Seeing as the kids are as young as four and we’re in a tiny room for less than an hour, there are a lot of red flags. Too bad those red flags keep being trumped by the fact that papier-mâché is kind of awesome.

Anyhow, I decided to do a trial run in my driveway. I spent most of the time chasing the balloon and newspaper strips. Oh, and hoping that my neighbors wouldn’t come home and discover me and the driveway covered in papier-mâché. When I’m not 92 years old, I’m busy being 6.


1. Mix two parts water to 1 part flour. Live in a humid place? Add some salt to prevent mold. Whisk well.
2. Dip newspaper strips into the mixture and squeeze off the extra mix with your fingers.
3. Put on balloon or whatever you care to papier-mâché. Repeat. Let it dry completely before painting and whatnot.

Runaway red balloon!

Through My Headphones

*Baby’s Arms -Kurt Vile


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