Composting 101

Newsflash: I love my compost bin! I made it way back in January or February and it was super simple to make.  Since I bought a plastic tub from Target, it’s not incredible environmentally friendly, but you can always use a secondhand tub or probably build a wooden box.

How To Make A Compost Bin

1. Get plastic tub.
2. Dig a shallow hole large enough to hold the tub.
3.Drill holes in the bottom and on the sides that will be buried.
4. Set tub in and pack dirt around it.
5. Add about 2 parts brown matter (items high in carbon, usually brown in color, like dried leaves.) for every 1 part green matter (items high in nitrogen, moist, like fruit and veggie scraps).
6. Heat is good! I live in Kansas (heat bonus points), but I also keep a piece of plywood held down with bricks on top of the tub. This also keeps the rain and snow from making it too damp.
7. Stir the compost regularly with a big stick. Make sure it is moist, but not soggy.

Since summer hit, my food scraps have been composting super quickly. I store veggie, fruit, egg, paper, etc. scraps in old oatmeal containers with the lids on (thanks for the suggestion Emma) and just dump them out whenever the containers get full.

Bucket o’ compost, ready to go on the weeds… I mean garden.

Compost close up. Worried about compost smelling? Don’t be! When done right (and it’s pretty hard to do wrong -I swear. I mess up DIY projects all the time), the compost smells great, like a rich soil. Sometimes I make visitors smell the compost bin out back because it smells so good.

For more fun composting facts, visit this nifty site.

I don’t really want to confess what I’m listening to (OK, it’s Justin Bieber), so let’s go with some Black Keys.

Through My Headphones
*Tighten Up -The Black Keys


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