Feeling Accomplished (And Other Updates)

As I mentioned before, Emma, Erin and Megan came to visit me. It was rad. And hot. Sweltering hot. A water fight was in order.

Erin is the epitome of legit.

 Megan and one of her many faces.

Emma, right before it got real.

Also, we took a stroll near 35th street.

Hey there dandelion!

There was a bit of a storm yesterday. Chunks of hail were involved. I went in my backyard after work today to plant some sunflowers and inspect the damage. A large tree branch had decided to take up residence on our little patio. It was too heavy to move, so I got ready to call the landlord. Then I remembered something very important and its name was my very own handsaw! Not going to lie -the fifteen minutes it took to saw the branch were some of the proudest minutes of my life. Nothing like some early evening accomplishment to complete a day.

 Damaged deck.

Really, it felt like I took down a redwood or something -that’s how proud I felt. Rather embarrassing, isn’t it?

Through My Headphones

*I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You -Colin Hay


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