Wichita At Night

A fantastic couch surfer stayed with me this week. It turned out we’ve both worked at Kalaloch and knew some of the same people, which was crazy! One of the great things about meeting up with fellow travelers is sharing travel stories. And also talking about silly things that travelers can related to, like health insurance for seasonal workers (she recommended calling the people over at E Health Insurance to find a good plan) and Sysco meals and last-minute campgrounds and what people say when they learn how much we travel/move (“How brave!”) and how we’re not really brave (“I sleep next to a hammer!”).

Later that night we skipped on over to the Keeper of the Plains statue.

The Big and Little Arkansas Rivers meeting. Also, Exploration Place, far right.

Abbey enjoying the view.

Before she left, Abbey left me a couple of prints from a children’s book she’s drawing.

Dinosaur kale! Rainbow chard! Yukon gold potatoes! Really, this girl was fantastic.

Through My Headphones
*I Want To Be Well -Sufjan Stevens


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