DIY Grocery Bag

I’ve been hand sewing grocery bags as of late. What a great, time-consuming hobby.

Now that you’ve been roped into reading this post because that catchy title, you’re probably expecting to learn how to make the bag. What a great dream. Unfortunately, I’m not that great at writing instructions. I’d draw up the steps, but I’ve been drawing a lot for this week’s Quarter-Life Crises challenge. Bear with me.

DIY Grocery Bag (abridged!)*

  • Cut out two identical squares of fabric. Cut out two identical rectangles of fabric that are the same length of the bag. Cut out one rectangle of fabric that is the same width of the bag.
  • Pin them all together. (Descriptive, right?)
  • Sew everything. Hem the top of the bag. (Really, I am an instruction-writing magician.)
  • Cut out two identical long, skinny rectangles. Fold one in half. Stitch the side. Repeat with second piece of fabric. They are inside out -turn them to be right-side out.
  • Sew to the top of the bag.
  • Decorate with stellar designs.
  • Ta da!
OK, it was a little more complicated, but that’s the gist.

Turtle! To make the shell, I first cut out a piece of fabric in the shape of a shell. Then I cut a bunch of thin strips of fabric, wove them together, and pinned the shell to the back of the woven strips. After I finished pinning, I carefully cut around the shell piece, pinned the layers to the bag -woven strips on top, shell cut-out on the bottom -and stitched them both to the bag.**

*If you feel as though you’ve been deceived and are now very, very angry, e-mail me! I will hopefully have recovered from drawing out one bajillion images for this week’s challenge and I will personally draw out the steps for you! Wow!

**If those instructions confuse you, you can also e-mail me and I will draw them out too. Double wow!

Through My Headphones
*Hearing Damage -Thom Yorke


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