Local Eggs And A Shameless Plug

I work at a nice little non-profit in Wichita. One of the volunteers I work with knows a lady who has some chicken. So now, for $2, I get a dozen fresh chicken eggs a week. It’s quite wonderful.

In other news, today was Take-Eleanor-To-Work Day. She was an excellent sport and stuffed envelopes for five or six hours. Tomorrow we’re heading to the Kansas Underground Salt Museum. We’re all sorts of excited.

Shameless plug: The non-profit I work at is part of a competition with other non-profits. The six non-profits that receive the most “likes” on the competition’s Facebook page get funding and promotion for a year. Click here to “like” the Inter-Faith Ministries photo and give us a point! Want to give IFM four points? “Like” our image and The Donut Project page.

IFM is a great organization that operates two homeless shelters -an emergency shelter for individuals and families and a long-term shelter for individuals who are chronically homeless and have mental health issues. It also provides over 100 low-cost apartment units and an annual holiday giveaway. If you have a moment, please consider “liking” both, or take a few minutes to check out IFM’s mission and the purpose of The Donut Project. It would mean a lot to me and IFM. Thank you!

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*It Was You -Aaron Lee Martin


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