What A Productive Day!

I had a really productive day! Let me enlighten you.

Here’s a list of things I did today:

1. Completed this week’s Quarter-Life Crises challenge.
2. Visited the Humane Society and resisted urge to adopt a Chihuahua solely because its name was Unicorn.
3. Got horribly lost while returning from the Humane Society and ended up at a Goodwill.
4. Found two fabulous pairs of $6 boots. Chose not to buy pair with mold.
5. Made applesauce.
6. Researched yurt/ger plans. Drew future yurt/ger. Discovered Yurta website. Yurt dream suddenly seems strangely attainable.
7. Biked to the library and found new stupid TV show to watch.
8. Baked and devoured homemade Cheesy Crackers.

Sakes alive look at that toe fringe! I’m all sorts of ready to go square dancing.

I have a pact with my couch that I will never jump on it ever again.

Here are some plans for my future yurt. I drew them on an empty paper lunch bag. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the yurt’s floor perspective does not line up with the deck’s. Actually, you don’t really need to look that closely to notice.

Homemade cheesy crackers?! Don’t mind if I do!

What? Two shameless plugs in one post for this week’s Our Quarter-Life Crises challenge? Never saw that coming.

Through My Headphones

*Videogames (Lana Del Rey cover) -Bombay Bicycle ft. Lucy Rose
*Oblivion -Grimes
*New In Town -Little Boots


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