30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 16 (Or, You Let Me Have My Laryngitis!)

Day Sixteen:

Something pink

I have laryngitis. I’m pretty sure the librarians thought I was a model library visitor today.

Photographic proof that I attended something of little interest to me, courtesy of Walgreens. Read more about it at Our Quarter-Life Crises.

In other news, I’m fairly certain that my neighbor is beyond baffled by me:

1. I have a compost bin. This he is very confused by, as one day I came home to find someone had hauled it in the alleyway and dumped its contents not in our shared trashcan, but next to it.
2. When he first moved in, I went over to say hi and was met with a really blank stare. According to El, friendly-neighbor attempts are very 1950s and I should never do this again.
3. Today he needed to do something electrical. He came over with a friend since the breakers are in my apartment. I couldn’t speak, so the conversation went like this:

Actual Conversations:

Them: We need to shut off the power for a bit.
Me: (Vigorous nod)
Them: Umm OK. Can, uh, you show us where to find the breaker box?
Me: (Double thumbs up, more nodding, and a failed attempt to say “Yes”)
Them: We, um, we won’t be long. We’ll let, um, ourselves out. No worries.

You let me have my laryngitis!!


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