30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 15

Day Fifteen:


This summer I worked with a girl who had one of the best tattoos I’ve ever seen in my life. (Yeah, I’m looking at you, Ariel!) On one forearm she had a black silhouette of a girl in a dress with one arm extended; on the other was a red balloon. When she put her arms together, it looked like the girl was reaching for the balloon. Pretty much the greatest tattoo ever.

Here’s another story: I doodled a lot in high school. I have a lot of doodles of people standing on hills with kites.

Anyhoo, I felt sort of inspired to put the two ideas together for today’s photo challenge: silhouettes.

Just another one of my bed’s many purposes.

Silhouette materials: Cardboard. Masking tape. Yarn. Thread. Pen. Scissors.

Through My Headphones

*Baby I’m Yours -Breakbot
*Wash -Bon Iver


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