30 Day Photo Challenge: Day 5

I have important news to share. Click below:

2012 Editor’s Choice Products

That’s right, XtraTufs are #1. I’d like to believe I’m the only person in Kansas who owns a pair.

Actual Conversation
Some Guy: Whoa! Those are some nice boots!
Me: Thanks!

Moving on.

Day Five:


I’ve really given up on the original challenge order and such. I guess it’s probably not really a challenge when you pick and choose.

Today I couldn’t find AAA, and as I sat in the Dillions’ parking lot trying to gather my bearings, I decided to get clouds (challenge #3, obviously) over with. I then spent the next fifteen minutes trying to locate AAA. (It was directly across the street from Dillions.)

Did I tell you about the time Cole and I were driving through Pennsylvania and I took us south instead of north? Needless to say, we did not stay at our Couch Surfer’s house that night. True story. I have direction issues.

Through My Headphones
*Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix) -Massive Attack


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