I Really Love My Apartment

Have I mentioned that I love my apartment? Because I really do. I recently got an invitation to hang out. How do you explain to someone that you’d rather just sit in your apartment and admire your couch? You don’t.

After visiting nearly every second-hand shop in Wichita (twice), I stumbled into the Pink Door. Fantastic decision! My apartment is now officially furnished.

Notice the orange shirt and the orange chairs? Aesthetics.

Dear couch -Thank you for being fabulous. And cheap. You too, little end table.

A friend with an appreciation for good armchairs is coming up for a visit in a few weeks. Seeing as I’ll be abandoning her for work, I figured I should get a chair so she has a nice place to sit for eight or nine hours each day. It turns out that Habitat for Humanity Restore has a fine selection.

To whoever was working there last Thursday: I’m really, really sorry for showing up at 5:32 pm to pick up the chair. I do know that’s sort of when you close.

Through My Headphones

*The Grand Experiment -Doomtree
*The King And All Of His Men -Wolf Gang
*Shuffle -Bombay Bicycle


5 thoughts on “I Really Love My Apartment

  1. I noticed two things: 1) nice personality band and 2) a conspicuous lack of wall adornment in your apartment. I think you need some National Geographic collages.

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