Avocado Pits, The ToadLily House And Minnesota Adventures

A week ago I threw my third avocado pit, waved good-bye to Olympic National Park and hopped a bus toward Forks, Washington.

Good-bye ocean. You’ve been fun.

I spent the night drinking green tea and knitting a dishcloth (newest obsession) at the ToadLily House, a fantastic little hostel in Port Angeles, Washington. I highly recommend it to anyone passing through the area: it’s cheap, clean and cozy. Plus it has a fabulous exterior paint job.

Life detour to Minnesota to see El!

We bummed around the Cities for a bit and popped over to the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory.

Eleanor’s friend Megan interns at a sustainable farm down the road a ways, so we decided to pay a visit.

Farm land.

Barn kitten!

People can subscribe to the farm a la CSA and get local eggs and various meats sent to their homes. The farm had just slaughtered a few tubs of chickens, so we helped vacuum pack chickens to be sent out.

El, preparing to vacuum pack a chicken.

It turns out that Rachael also lives in Minnesota, so we met up for a mini adventure to Minnehaha Falls and the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

We felt so inspired by all the art, we decided to give it a try:

It almost got out of control.

Through My Headphones
*A Smile That Explodes -Joseph Arthur

*The Current

After hearing “Wandering Star” on The Current, El and I made a gallant attempt to see Polica at the Turf Club. We waited outside for 1.5 hours, only to discover it was completely sold out, so we went home and ate some cake and read a few books and listened to The Current.


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