R.I.P. Blue Striped Capris

Dear Blue Striped Capris –
I’m sorry you ended this way. I probably should have made sure I was on more solid ground before trying to scramble on to that driftwood. Had I checked, I probably wouldn’t have had one foot on driftwood and the other on a very crumbly sandbank, which indeed crumbled. Sorry, Blue Striped Capris -you’re not very stretchy. I don’t understand -we had so many excellent adventures together in Maine, Montana, Alaska, Wisconsin and now Washington, and we had so many more to go. Perhaps this is punishment for repeatedly pairing you with plaid. Rest in peace, Blue Striped Capris. You were bomb.

Love, Kat

Ah, one last early-ish morning walk along the beach with Blue Striped Capris.

Also, here’s some photos from a sunset a few days back.


6 thoughts on “R.I.P. Blue Striped Capris

  1. I’m a guest, but I want you to know that often I thought about stealing your blue striped capris. Their slightly dizzying pattern and perfectly worn in texture would have been great for lounging. I now wish I had tossed them in my bag to save them from this terrible demise. Long live the Capris.

  2. Kat-

    Once again, your photos are beautiful. I especially love the one with the flower (rose?). Those photos are totally sellable, you know. Kat- it’s so exciting, we’re doing this journalism thing for real. Even if we’re FREElancing. It’s great. I am so excited for everything we’ll do. Stay in touch. Looking forward to your next post, and I bid your blue capris farewell too. Take care!

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