So Much Personality

I need to preface this post: Seasonal park jobs attract some really fabulous people, people, as my friend Jason likes to say, that have so much personality.

“Look, Jason, look at me kelp dance!”
(shakes head) “So much personality!

It’s code for weird, people. Code for weird.

Well Alaska, you’ve been good to me. It’s hard to sum three months up in a tiny blog. I’ve done my best, but this blog doesn’t really do it justice. Here, have the last few weeks in a single post:

Dear Phillipe the Rental Van,

I’m sorry your door handle came off, but let’s be fair: It was duct taped to the door. We really liked driving you with the side door open, our legs out and our mouths full of Jolly Ranchers. Thanks for not letting us die when we drove 9 miles in the dark because we couldn’t figure out how to turn the lights on. We will always remember you as the car Eilidh learned to drive (automatic) in and as the car Casey taught us to ghost ride in. You took us to the Nangoon Berry Trail and the Gustavus Inn, where we all had the most expensive meal of our young lives. We became lazy because of you, driving from Brown Town to the dock solely to take the courtesy skiff out in the middle of the night to splash around and squeal over the bioluminescence. You’re rad, Phillipe. Keep it real.

Love, GBL Lodgies

Hannah, Kaylin, Eilidh, Jason and Phillipe: Post morning doughnut and ready for some swell adventuring!

Jason and Raymond, obviously sharing a some sort of lodgie-local moment at Wings.

Ghost riding the rental van.

We ditched Phillipe and our shoes to check out some waterfalls.


Waiting for dinner at the Gustavus Inn, where $50 gets you flavor.

Then, this other time, I decided my time would be better spent on the Salmon River instead of on real world chores.

Gibson, keeping it real on the Salmon River. I’m inclined to believe the fish won again.

Hannah, keeping it super real on the Salmon River. I’m inclined to believe the log the lure got stuck on won.

Sometimes, when we’re bored, we ride the Beast -former luggage truck, current dump truck/passenger shuttle -into town.

El, my favorite shrimp, riding the Beast out to the dump.

Well, the fireweed’s all gone. Guess it’s the end of a season.

So that’s us (or at least some of us), filled with so much personality and loving nearly every minute of it. 


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