Adventures Of An Unemployed Pseudo-Traveling Kid

Mom: So, what are you doing after Alaska?
Me: No idea.
Mom: I thought you were heading off to Olympic. Did that fall through?
Me: Nah, I just don’t want to go anymore.
Mom: So what are you doing then?
Me: I have no idea.
Mom: I know that, but really, what are you doing?

So thus begins my life as an unemployed traveling kid. I said toodles to GBL and my fellow lodgies (or to the pitifully few that remained) and hopped aboard Air Ex’s 5-seater, puddle jumper plane with Tanner and Eilidh. To Juneau!

We stuffed poor T-Money is the way, way back.

Visible excitement!

Ah, Marcus being all cool, calm and collective. Very nice traits of a pilot.

We flew up in the air, through the mountains (almost touched a few), over the sea and landed in Juneau. Coolest part? Seeing a whale below us. The above photo is not of said whale.

Brief stop in Juneau to meet up and begin our traveling kid adventures.

Fab traveling buddies, Christopher and Kaylin, at crap dumpling shop.

Our first civilian meal in three months: crap Russian dumplings smothered in cumin and Siracha. Also, bread. We were relatively unimpressed.

And then we somehow found ourselves on the Kennicott Ferry, heading straight to Bellingham through the Inside Passage, albiet a day later than planned.

Thhhhhhhhessssst! Fab traveling buddy number 3! Chilling like a villain in the solarium.

We saw a lot of things, like clouds, land and water. 

And more clouds. We also saw some orcas and dolphins, but here’s the best part.

OK, I know this is a crap photo, but bear with me…The Northern Lights from a boat going through the Inside Passage! So incredible and definitely one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life. We slept out on the deck that night.


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