Fanny Packs And Plaid: A Poor Decision Photo Shoot

Remember my friend Ben? The one I hate? Well, I hate him even more now.

 A while back, Ben got it in his head that it would be a good idea to buy a fanny pack. We tried to talk him out of it for numerous reasons all regarding his pride, but it didn’t work. Since said purchase, he’s worn his fanny pack everywhere -while he eats, while he works, probably while he sleeps. It’s been a constant conversation starter (read: mockery).

Perhaps it’s not so much the pack alone that bothers us all, but rather what he pairs it with.

Yes, those are zip-off pants.

After a failed attempt to pick up some SAGA girls with a clever pick-up line involving coyotes (he blamed his lack of fanny pack at the time), Ben decided that the only thing to do was have a photo shoot on the dock and create an eHarmony account so all women can see what a catch he and his fanny pack are.

We here at Glacier Bay Lodge are still waiting on that eHarmony account. In the mean time, Ben wants to tell all women that, besides fanny packs and coyotes, he likes short walks on the beach.

Every photo shoot needs a good creative director. Luckily Boon was ready and willing to step in.

The Boonster works his creative magic. I can think of about two times when zip-off pants are acceptable. This is one of them. Congratulations, Boon.

Friends don’t let friends dress like this in public. Good thing Ben and I renounced our friendship a long time ago.

Clothing courtesy of the Community Chest, the GBL gift shop and Ben’s closet.

Through Hannah-Or-Netta’s Headphones

*Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) -Flight Facilities
*Crave You -Flight Facilities feat. Giselle


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