Parman’s Super Service Station

For nearly 15 years, I have walked, biked, run and driven past Parman’s Service Station on Monroe Street. This is my last week in Madison for an indefinite amount of time, and most likely my last time going passed Parman’s. Owner Keith Parman plans to retire soon and a three-story development is in the works, a development that will involve razing Parman’s.

Keith Parman in front of Parman’s Service Shop.

Parman’s opened in 1941, several months shy of World War II. Keith’s father, Clayton, built and ran it until 1962 when Keith and his brother Clayton Jr. took over. Clayton Jr. passed away in December 2010 at the age of 79.

Keith takes a look at a car.

As much as Keith deserves a retirement, it’s odd and a bit sad to know that Parman’s will not be here the next time I visit Madison.

Keith walks into Parman’s Service Station.

Read more about Parman’s by clicking here.

Special thanks to Keith Parman for letting me photograph and speak with him. I hope you have a wonderful retirement.


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