Flying Unicorns (And Other Reasons Why The Midwest Rocks)

I’ve lived on the East Coast. I’ve lived on the West Coast. I’ve also lived in the South (although not very deep) and, of course, Montana. And then there’s the Midwest and OH BOY have I lived in the Midwest. Fourteen very full Midwestern years in two Midwestern states, with an additional four on-and-off-I’m-here-for-winter-and-summer-breaks years.

The Midwest is, to put it simply, excellent. My fellow Team Midwest member, Mark, is in agreement. We’ve discussed creating a Top Ten list for the Midwest and, once we stop being busy with excellent Midwestern activities, we’ll probably do it.

Here is a delightful Midwestern rolling hill. It is quite green and nice and once I hiked up to the top and discovered some farm land.

And here are some fairly fabulous Midwestern flowers chilling by the rolling hills.

But nothing can really beat the Midwestern Flying Unicorn.

Some parents get their kids cars when they graduate from college. Or money. Or something. I wouldn’t know as my parents got me a unicorn. See below. I was (and still am) terribly impressed and sympathize with all the new alumni whose parents simply don’t love them enough to buy them unicorns -flying unicorns at that. Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Midwestern Flying Unicorn near delightful Midwestern rolling hills, fabulous Midwestern flowers and Midwestern sister.


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