19 Days Until Graduation (Not Like I’m Counting Or Anything…)

Happy day-after-Easter! I spent most of mine locked away in the confines of room 305 working diligently on my Native News multimedia and throwing choice profanities at Final Cut Pro’s motion tab. Note to self: Shoot panos with the video camera next time.

Speaking of panos, I have one due tomorrow. After several failed attempts, I was about to climb to the M and shoot Missoula’s cityscape (aka The World’s Most Creative Shot Ever). Then I conveniently remembered I’d shot my panoramic way back in February! Oh, high five for planning ahead!


Once, in a fit of desperation, I used my allowance to buy a Lunchable. My poor mouth was met with bland cheese and watery turkey, and naturally I felt a bit cheated.

Continuing again:

Today I presented some photos to Native News class. One photo in and I realized that I had incorrectly toned every single photograph. I understand this probably isn’t something potential employers want to read. Don’t worry guys: I smile a lot, which makes everything nicer for everyone.

See that photo above? That is (hopefully) toned better than Not Better.

Continuing once again:

I talked Nico, Emma and Alyssa into holding tea cups and modeling for me Saturday.


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