Lunches My Mother Never Made Me (And Other Musings)

One of my assignments for photography class is food. After much deliberation, several failed concepts and a lengthy discussion with my mom, I finally settled on photographing school lunches, specifically the types of lunches I was never allowed. Hence “Lunches My Mother Never Made Me.” (It should be noted that my mother stopped making my school lunches around ’97. I was eight. I remember those first few weeks being relatively traumatic.)

Special thanks to Goodwill. Sorry for buying all your lunch boxes.

Lunches My Mother Never Made Me (pt. 1)

White bread and Gushers. Oh boy do I love Gushers.

String cheese? White bread?! Oreos and a blue Kool-Aid Burst?!! I can assure you, I’ve never had any of these things in one sitting. Deprivation at its finest.


On a completely unrelated topic, here, have a couple photos of Meg.

Four flashes. Strobes at 45 degrees camera back left, side left, 30 degrees back right, 45 degrees side right.

Thanks to Meg, who graciously modeled not only for me, but also a good portion of my class. Thanks also to Zoo City Apparel for letting us use its store and to everyone who helped light the portraits.



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