I Still Don’t Understand Roller Derby

Today I practiced panning and indoor sports photography at the Hellgate Rollergirls sponsored bout, which pitted local teams, Brawlin’ Mollies and Dirt Road Girls, against one another. I really like roller derby, although I cannot for the life of me understand it. I think I might have came close to understanding it about two years ago, but sadly it looks like that information got shoved aside a while back.

Here’s a photo I like:

Here’s how a lot of my photos turned out:

Special thanks to Heather Ericson for scoring a press pass for me. Press passes are the absolute best.


2 thoughts on “I Still Don’t Understand Roller Derby

  1. i still like how your photos turned out lol. but anywho…derby can be quite simple…u have blockers and jammers. 4 blockers per team per jam so that’s 8 blockers on the track…n 1 jammer per team which is 2 jammers…so u have 10 gals on track…the jammers are the ones who start behind the blockers. blockers go after 1st whistle, jammers after 2nd whistle…the jammers try to get through the pack while the opposing blockers try to keep the jammer from scoring. the jammer scores by passing the opposing team’s players on the track. that’s the basics…usually before a bout they do a slow motion example that explains it all!

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