Shaun White Is A Cake Pop

It was my roommate’s birthday a few days ago. She is an avid Shaun White fan, so my friend Erin and I joined forces to make Shaun White cake pops. Sadly, we ate the more Shaun White-y looking ones before I started taking photos. Poor decision. Mug made by Shane Bell.

Here, have a reject Shaun White cake pop.


I’ve slacked on the photos as of late. I blame my camera as its LCD screen ate itself, rendering me camera-less and short a large dollar amount for nearly a month now. I’ve spent most of this time wallowing in self-pity, refusing, for the most part, to shoot with my borrowed Canon. I finally dragged it to church last Sunday and photographed outside St. Francis Xavier.

Fun fact: St. Francis Xavier church in Missoula is over 100 years old.


In other exciting news Montana-based band Joan Zen recently hired me to film one of its concerts. It involved four hours of free music and absolutely no video editing on my part. Excellent. Joan Zen is Jason and Deborah Hicks. They’re incredible musicians -check them out.




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