Merry Almost Christmas

Merry almost Christmas! I’m back in Wisconsin for a few weeks and have been doing the normal Christmas-y things.

Christmas-y things in my family include trekking out in freezing weather to chop down a Christmas tree. I believe the word I used to describe this process to my roommate was “slaughter.” She was unimpressed.

In an attempt to be creative and take full advantage of family Christmas time, someone had the brilliant idea of making popcorn and cranberry garlands, which led to a lot of broken popcorn, squishy cranberries and many, many feet of rather nice garlands. Woolly sheep ornament idea courtesy of this Family Fun activity. Per usual, we lacked a couple things (namely pipe cleaners and jingle bells), so our sheep are a bit more simple than Family Fun’s.


3 thoughts on “Merry Almost Christmas

  1. Aw! Unfortunately I missed my family’s Christmas Tree Hunt this past Christmas but I’m glad you guys have the same tradition. Defintely a highlight of the year.

    And that sheep is the best.

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