My Sort Of Self Portraits

The final for Integrated Digital Photography is 10 self portraits. The twist: The 10 self portraits don’t need to be of ourselves. As I have no tripod, I’ve declared this Good News. Instead of photographing myself, I’ve been roping friends into wearing my clothes and posing as I do while I photograph. Not going to lie -it’s been a little weird to see someone pretending to be me, especially when she does it so accurately.

Alyssa The resemblance in this photo is a little freaky, not going to lie. And that pose is scarily accurate.

Gina I eat… a lot. And, according to Gina, am usually holding about five things while I photograph.

Erin I make this face all the time. Erin really has it down. And yes, yes I do wear my socks with Chacos.

Megan This dance is called “The Kathryn.” And Megan certainly knows how to work it.


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