The Cowboy Reservation

Here, have a series of photos. My friend Shane is taking a Roman art history class. Together the class created a model of ancient Rome and displayed it in Payne Family Native American Center.

Here’s the completed model.

They even put this nice sign up.

Some students at the Native American Center decided to get crafty. Look closely.

They also had a nice sign.

Cowboy reservation!

Essentially some students decorated the entire model with paper teepees and plastic “cowboy and indian” figurines. The cowboys figurines served as “Roman savages” and were confined to the “reservation,” which consisted of a couple of small squares made from yarn, while the “indian” figurines ruled the rest of the land. See above.

I thought it was pretty funny, as did Shane. I guess a few people had some issues with it, saying that if the figurines’ roles had been reversed, everyone would have pitched a fit. I think people would have and they would have had the right to in that case. Native Americans have been severely discriminated against while, let’s face it, the Romans didn’t really have that problem. I’m curious to know what other people think. Feel free to e-mail me or comment on the topic. Please keep the comments respectful.


One thought on “The Cowboy Reservation

  1. Kat-

    Thanks for making this blog entry and taking the pictures. Both are great.

    I also think you’re right. It’s not a double standard because the histories of Rome and Native Americans differ greatly. The Native Americans, had they been in Europe, N. Africa or the Middle East, would have been dominated and mariginalized by the Romans, as they were through Manifest Destiny/European settlers. The histories are not the same and therefore we must respect and pay tribute to that.

    -Shane Bell

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