Improvisation Comes In Handy Once Again

I learned an important lesson recently: Leaving teabags inside tea mugs for long periods of times is rarely a good idea. After many fruitless attempts to scrap a teabag from the inside of my mug, I succumbed to the fact that said teabag was a permanent fixture. I lived without tea for a good number of months before it occurred to me that my empty applesauce jar, which has sat for many months, forlorn and unused, on my windowsill next to my scarred tea mug, would be a perfect substitute. Improvisation! Even better, I’ve been using the jar’s lid as a soap dish for a brown clump of soap I made several years ago in a particular treacherous biology class. Even more improvisation!  Really, quite a stellar decision.

Alas, I’m running a bit low on tea, hence the mix and matching.


Here, have a song:

Clap Your Hands-Sia




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