Searching For Sasqu(a)tch

In a vain attempt to trump our epic journey up Mount Jumbo at night, Mark and I decided to trail blaze around Mount Sentinel in minus-15-degree-with-wind-chill weather. Attempts at making it an even cooler hike included, but were not limited to, practicing Sasqu(a)tch* defense, running full speed down the mountain sans a trail and cutting down some mullein with a rock.

Rule 1: Ankle socks are not conducive to warm ankles when bumbling around in snow.

Ah ha! Civilization at last!

Mark Fogarty declares this area Sasqu(a)tch free!


*I’m not the world’s best speller, especially when it comes to spelling in text messages. Mark, secret Sasquatch expert, once received a text from me containing the word “sasqutch.” He has yet to let me live this down.


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