Cool Kids Hike In Chacos

The Banff Mountain Film Festival came through Missoula Sunday. I went with a few friends to the festival and spent three hours watching films on people doing fabulously cool, adventurous things with their lives. We left the theater, shoulders slumped and feeling rather dejected about our pitiful, uneventful lives.

In an attempt to make our lives more exciting, my friend Mark and I decided to hike up Mount Jumbo in the dark while wearing Chacos. Mount Jumbo is actually more like a large hill than a mountain, but I tried to link the most dramatic photo found on Google in order to up my adventure credentials.

Despite living here for multiple years, neither of us had ever hike to the top of Jumbo. We decided the best course of action was to hike straight up rather than on a trail, which led to gripping grass and bushes to keep from slipping. We finally made it to the top, made some hot chocolate and took the necessary victory photos.

We are so adventurous.



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