Hellgate Roller Girl: Viperella

In a vague attempt to better organize my life, I took a couple sheets of parchment paper, crookedly drew a sort of grid in Sharpie and filled in my documentary subjects’ information. As sad as it seems, I’m rather impressed with myself. The grid is currently hanging above my desk, and is much more helpful than any Excel sheet. Word to the wise: Hardcopy is best.

Anyway, a few days ago, as I was admiring my grid, it occurred to me: roller skates. Missoula recently gained its own roller derby crew, Hellgate Rollergirls. In all honesty, I really want to attend one of its Fresh Meat meetings. I’ve added it to my to-do-before-I-leave-Missoula list.

Continuing: I decided roller skates would be a valuable addition, so I met with Jessie Lundberg, aka Viperella. Viperella has over 100 pairs of shoes, including her skates. I was beyond impressed.

Stellar flash practice with the SB-800 and the SB-900. Woo!




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