Praise everything! My Nikon 8008 works!

A couple years ago, during a particularly eventful summer job stint at Sears Portrait Studio, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. Save the three months I spent cajoling small children to smile using rubber duckies, I had never done anything with photography.

Sometime during that same Sears summer, I managed to drop some strong hints to my photographer uncle that if he had an extra camera, I would gladly take it off his hands. I ended up with his old Nikon FE, which sadly had a stuck shutter, and his old 8008, which appeared not to work.

I prioritized (read: was cheap) and had The Darkroom fix just FE. It worked wonderfully. Until the shutter got stuck again. Fast forward two years. I was sitting on my bed, pawing through film canisters and randomly fiddling with the 8008 for the first time since I got it when I discovered that the 8008 takes four double As and its current batteries were dead.

Note to self: don’t be stupid.

Here, have the first serious photos I ever took:

(courtesy of the FE and my first roll of 400 T-MAX film)

Wistful apple, aptly named by Rianna.

Ali’s first tattoo, courtesy of American Made.



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