Take Me On Your Psychedelic Bus

My friend Shane and I were hanging out in Missoula’s downtown for First Friday when Shane decided we needed to get on the Ghetto Gypsy party bus. The converted school bus goes up and down the main road during First Fridays, but I’ve never been on it. Long story short: We got on it. Live DJ, couches, flashing lights… it was a bus rave party. I spent the next hour taking photographs until my camera battery died. Then I switched to just flailing around to techno music. After photographing these at 2000 ISO, it made me want the D3 even more.

Dance party on the Ghetto Gypsy.

Back of the bus.

I feel like it looks like he’s blowing bubbles.


2 thoughts on “Take Me On Your Psychedelic Bus

  1. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I had never seen until today that you’d posted about this wild, amazingly fun experience. I will never ever forget that night and how we were hanging out the windows of the bus and just having a blast, and also how erratic the driver was and how we were laughing hysterically as we were all falling over each other!!! ha ha ha. Love you, Kat. glad you’re well!

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