Long post, few photographs. My apologies.


I went to the last farmers market Saturday. I’m going to be honest: as far as taste goes, I feel rather impartial to carrots, but they certainly win in the vegetable looks department.

Go carrots!


In other news, I’ve started putting together a mock-up of my documentary book. In an attempt to think of something creative for the layout, I took all seven pairs of shoes out of my closet and pitch them across the room in hopes they would fall in some sort of inspirational pattern. No dice.

Speaking of documentary, I’m required to do a brief documentary project for Integrated Digital Photography. I’ve been kicking ideas around for some time now, but I keep coming back to The Oxford Project and Sarah Stolfa’s book, The Regulars. Emma and I have been working through the University of Montana Dining Services long enough that we recognize some of the customers. I’d really like to do a super simple flash-on-camera shot of each customer when we make them breakfast.

Hey, have some additional links:

*Camille Seaman
*A blog post on The Regulars
*Chop and Change by The Black Keys.



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