Laundry Room

This week’s integrated digital photography assignment focuses on long exposure. I recently discovered that the journalism school has an intervalometer, which came in handy for the assignment. By using the intervalometer and the “bulb” setting on my camera, I was able to keep the shutter open for as long as I wanted. This is what I like to call very exciting.

I ended up going into the basement and turning off all the lights in the laundry room to play with the intervalometer. I am aware that sitting in the dark, waving a flashlight around a laundry room at noon is kind of a weird thing to do. I’m sure the girl who stumbled into the laundry room with her hamper thought so.

We’re calling this artsy, OK? Artsy.

In other news, I have a new computer. Woo! In other exciting news, I’m going to buy Photoshop CS5. On Monday. Super excited. Super excited.


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