Tuesday Photo Shoot

One word, guys: Oula. My friend Emma and I went to a free Oula dance class this afternoon. It involved lots of arm and leg flailing to hip-hop music. Excellent way to pass a Tuesday. Another good way to make Tuesdays go by faster: lighting practice.

Note to self: buy umbrella and light stand. And Photoshop. And a better lens. And a new computer… etc. 

Side-lit photographer left with SB-900 dialed at um… I forget. Very professional. Power was at 1/10. Shot into umbrella. Side-lit photographer right with SB-800 stuffed into an empty cupboard near the ceiling and bounced off some white scrap paper (improvisation!). Power at 1/4. 

After toning this photo, I found a much better photo, but the computer growled “something something scratch drives full something something something” and didn’t let me save it. 



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