Integrated Digital Photography

I’m taking a class called Integrated Digital Photography. I’m still a bit hazy on what the class entails as I am not a media arts major and simply signed up for the class on a whim. 

Today’s assignment was textures. My initial idea was to take paper and throw stuff at it, but that never quite panned out. Instead, most of my photos are of a full pan found at work. I’d started filling it up with ice before noticing a weird grease stain. The ice started melting and the water beaded up in the pan. I had time, so I took some photos before collecting random food (Tabasco, pepper, container of half-and-half, butter, oatmeal) and throwing it in there at random. And then I took more photos.



Weird grease stain, pepper, water, a little Tabasco.

Grease stain, water, Tabasco, crushed, uncooked oatmeal, pepper, container of half-and-half. Maybe some semi-melted butter. Dragged a spatula through the mess to create the streak. 


5 thoughts on “Integrated Digital Photography

  1. I should have sent you picture of the inside of my fridge after it sat in the garage all summer.
    you could have had green mold with orange growths for your project.

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