Bike Shorts Look Good On No One (or how I didn’t finish my charitable bike ride)

This weekend I participated in the Bike MS: The Best Dam Bike Ride. Thank you very much to everyone who donated. The following post contains a lot of words and only one photograph, which I didn’t even take. 

Continuing. I have a few bikes, but most suffer some level neglect (just another curse of moving frequently), so I borrowed a bike. The borrowed bike sadly came with clipless pedals, which I’d never used before. I had the brilliant idea of test-riding my borrowed bike and clipless pedals the day before the ride.

It is somewhat terrifying to know your feet are firmly attached to your bike, especially because I forgot several times. Ride goal: Don’t crash.

The entire ride was 150 miles over two days. My pre-ride training involved things like biking four miles to a friend’s apartment and biking four miles back. On occasion I really went overboard and rode around for 30 minutes.

In all truth, 75 miles a day is not bad. 150 miles probably isn’t either -I wouldn’t know. Most of the ride took place through Wisconsin cornfields and rural roads. Next time I’d like to strap a camera to my handlebars. Speaking of cameras, I took absolutely no photographs. My camera charger took an accidental trip to California and just returned today. I’m sure my dead camera battery is thrilled to have some life poured back into it.

However, there is this fabulous photograph of me, my sister and my dad, right after we wussed out on Day 2:

Bike shorts look good on no one.                         
Photograph courtesy of T.C.

Day Two, Mile One: Rain, thunder and lightening. Excellent! We kept on until mile seven, when the seconds between the lightening and thunder went from nine to an impressive four quite rapidly. So we totally wussed out, turned off in the middle of nowehere and spent the next hour under the awning of the Cold Spring Inn Restaurant watching it storm while doing impromptu dances to stay warm. 

So we did 82 miles. Which is more than half. I completed my goal of not crashing. Goal for next year: finish bike ride.


2 thoughts on “Bike Shorts Look Good On No One (or how I didn’t finish my charitable bike ride)

  1. Aww!! Team Franchino!! Woop woop woop!

    That sounds like a good time. I need to bike more. I guess that means I need a bike. Rats…

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